Why A Cloud Management Platform?

To successfully deliver a cost effective, automated and standardized enterprise cloud, an Enterprise-Grade Cloud Management Platform is required.

Standardize Cloud Usage


Accelerate organizational productivity

Layer security and compliance

Reduce Vendor Lock-In

Standardize Cloud Usage.

Different constituencies need different things. Implementing a regulated, standardized process empowers Cloud owners to address all of these often conflicting needs. Scalr builds a hierarchical process where all provisioning goes through a layer of policy. The Policy layer covers cost management, orchestration, integrations to other provisionings, permissions, security and placement – developers are then free to operate within the boundaries of their policy, without the risk of violating it.

Control Cost


Financial Policy

Scalr provides application-level visibility into cloud spend as well as budgeting tools and reports. Create and enforce financial policies, push financial responsibility across the organization, and communicate the financial consequence of cloud infrastructure to end-users.


Sprawl Prevention

Don’t be limited to setting budgets. Set up guardrails that prevent over-provisioning and ensure that applications don’t outlive their assigned leases.


Auto Clean-Up Policies

Automate waste reduction across your Multi-Cloud environment. Don’t wait until cost is incurred for unused resources, leverage preventative policies that keep needless spend from accumulating.

Accelerate Organizational Productivity.

Integrated Development Workflows

Build customized workflows that allow developers to push changes to production with confidence. Drive high-performance engineering teams by tying Scalr’s policy-protected workflows into CI/CD pipelines.

Self Service

Deliver Cloud in a self-service model that bundles in all the policies and automation required to streamline user experience. Free developers from red-tape and bureaucracy and empowered them to become 10x more productive – within management’s desired capacity and budget limits.

Single Pane of Glass

End-users interact with a single UI and a single API to consume multiple Cloud platforms and services in a repeatable manner

Layer Security & Compliance.

Preventive Controls

Scalr provides context-aware preventative controls that are part of the Cloud provisioning workflow. Set policies for workload placement, to ensure compliance, and more. Good policies clean up messes, great policies prevent them.

Hierarchical Policy Enforcement

Scalr’s hierarchical paradigm allows for top-down policy enforcement. Define company policies at a corporate level and have them enforced from the BU to the project.

Vendor Lock-In.


Pluggable and Modular

Scalr’s approach does not force administrators to use proprietary features, but encourages integration with existing systems. Integrate tools such as ServiceNow, Chef, Puppet, or others and build a flow that works for you.


Leverage Scalr’s API abstraction layer to make in-house skills more portable as you provision and enforce policy on different Clouds through a single standardized process.

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