Embrace the Speed and Agility of DevOps at Enterprise Scale

Cloud infrastructure can enable you to build and deploy applications faster than ever before. But traditional IT models have bogged down provisioning cycles with approval processes and policy checks, slowing down deployment and ultimately your ability stay agile and innovate. Some teams resort to circumventing  IT, but that comes with the risks of severe security threats and blown budgets. You need to stay fast, but do so in a way that scales with the realities facing enterprises today. Scalr provides the autonomy, agility, and automation you need to be successful while having a safe and standardized process for receiving service from central IT.

Maximize Speed and Productivity in the Cloud

Stay within policy without depending on central IT for cloud provisioning. Scalr’s infrastructure templates make building complete application stacks fast and easy. Scalr leverages Infrastructure as Code and provides DevOps teams with Self Service Catalogs that automate provisioning to the specifications outlines by pre-configured policies.

Build Intelligent CI/CD Pipelines

The Scalr platform integrates natively with best-in-class DevOps tooling like Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and more. Scalr also provides an open API so that teams can build maintain the tools and integrations they depend on.

Leverage advanced services across the multi-cloud

Scalr enables users to leverage multiple cloud platforms to their fullest extent, shattering the notion of limiting capabilities to the lowest common denominator of cloud platforms. Automating policy should never result in limiting the power of the cloud.

Recover the Freedom to Build and Deploy

Scalr’s Federated IT model delegates autonomy to DevOps teams so that you can establish your own best practices and guardrails and stay compliant with company security and cost policies, all without sacrificing the speed and agility you need in order to move fast and innovate in the cloud.

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