Product Updates

The Cloud Services Gateway is Here!

Enterprises can now safely and responsibly offer advanced Cloud Services to users, while gaining visibility and control over their usage.

SAN FRANCISCO – Recently Scalr, the Enterprise-Grade Cloud Management platform, announced that the Cloud Services Gateway is out of feature preview, and is now generally available on Scalr’s Enterprise Edition.

Scalr now empowers IT to offer users safe API access to advanced Cloud Services like Lambda, RedShift, SQS, DynamoDB and more. Administrators gain visibility over Cloud Service usage and control over their consumption. Enterprises can now encourage innovation while ensuring responsible and cost-effective cloud usage.

Today’s IT organizations are facing pressure to provide end-users with a framework within which they can innovate and leverage cutting-edge cloud technologies, while also controlling costs and ensuring security and compliance. Many enterprises have chosen to use a Cloud Management Platform to create a single pane of glass over multi-cloud environments and data centers and to standardize cloud provisioning workflows.

The problem these enterprises often encounter is that they are restricted by the CMP’s support for Cloud Services, and resort to complex scripting that often presents a variety of other challenges and concerns.

Scalr, The Cloud Management Platform used by some of the world’s largest enterprises, has always provided IT with a way to offer tailored self-service for cloud resources, control and cut costs, reduce operational overhead with automation and ensure compliance. Now, Scalr also empowers enterprises to safely and responsibly use the cloud’s most advanced services.

The Cloud Services Gateway is a solution available in Enterprise Scalr, which allows end-users to request API access to Cloud Services such as SQS, ECS, Glacier, Route53 and more. Administrators are then able to approve or deny those requests, as well as enforce policies on cloud service usage. CSG powers RBAC (who can use what service), policy (how can they use it), and quotas (how much can they use!) for all services, while developers get complete compatibility for all their services.

The CSG acts as an API proxy between the company’s applications and cloud platform, providing complete compatibility with tools, documentation, etc. Developers just point to the endpoint hosted in your Scalr infrastructure and everything works the same, but admins get visibility and control over service consumption.

With the Cloud Services Gateway, end-users are able to leverage the most advanced services the cloud has to offer, while IT ensures the responsible use of those resources.

In its initial release, the Cloud Services Gateway supports :

AWS services: Lambda, ECS, Route53, Glacier, API Gateway, SQS, SNS, SES, RedShift, and DynamoDB (Other services such as RDS, S3, ELB, ALB, EC2 and more are already supported in Scalr Farms).

Azure services: App Service, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps, API Apps, Container Registry, Container Service, Log Analytics, Azure Monitor, Application Insights, SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse.

The Cloud Services Gateway is available now in the latest version of Enterprise Scalr!