How Scalr’s New Approach to Cloud Management Makes It A Leader

As enterprises embrace cloud infrastructure in growing numbers, business leaders and infrastructure and operations professionals are increasingly searching for viable solutions to the complexity that comes with cloud adoption today. Forrester has recognized this trend by releasing The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Cloud Management, Q2 2018 report. The report identifies the 12 most significant HCM providers and scores them on 31 criteria. Scalr is proud to be recognized by Forrester as a leader in hybrid cloud management.

The state of enterprise cloud adoption today

As Forrester points out, the cloud management market was “slow to take off because I&O professionals found managing multiple clouds too painful without extensive support.” More recently, however, enterprises see the promise in hybrid and multi-cloud strategies; they hope to mitigate cloud provider lock-in, maximize developer freedom, decrease latency, and step up security and data-loss prevention, among other things. But most fail to realize the full potential of the cloud for several key reasons:

  1. A lack of visibility into or control over (and resultant spiralling of) cloud costs across multiple platforms
  2. A decrease in productivity as end users wait for a bottlenecked IT division to provision resources for them
  3. Inability to uphold security and compliance standards among many teams in different business units with disparate resourcing needs

Smart organizations have turned to Hybrid Cloud Management solutions, like Scalr to capture the cloud opportunity of greater business agility, without sacrificing cost, security and compliance .

A better way: Scalr and the rise of Federated IT

As a leader of the pack, Scalr continues to strive to drive change and redefine how cloud management can and should be done in the enterprise. Take, for example, our Federated IT approach to cloud management. Most cloud management providers will force all provisioning through a central IT division in order to ensure they can oversee policies (cost, compliance, security, etc.) are met. We’ve seen that result in provisioning timelines that are too slow for users, which often leads to “shadow IT” as users go around central IT to provision for themselves, usually without those policy controls in place. Instead, we believe autonomy should be delegated to divisions and business units by allowing them to control relevant policies.

Think about it this way: imagine you had to ask the federal government for permission to build an addition to your house. It could take years for your request to be processed, so you’d probably end up just building it without asking permission. To solve for that, the government is set up as a Federation, with the federal government setting rules that everyone should follow, and state and local governments setting rules that are relevant to their citizens. Under this system, you can ask your city for permission to build that addition, and they’ll review your request more quickly, having a much better understanding of the city’s specific zoning and building laws. At Scalr, we’ve built a hybrid cloud management solution for the enterprise with that Federated concept in mind.

Forrester recognizes Scalr as a leader

According to the Forrester Wave report, “Scalr Enterprise delivers a clean solution purpose-built for actionable optimization, powered with analytics and automation… Scalr allows enterprises to provision new resources through Scalr’s GUI or directly through a native cloud platform. Scalr can deny a request in a native platform, based on set policies established in its management portal, whereas other solutions can only alert or send remediation recommendations. Scalr is also a composable solution, providing native ability to complete tasks or use third-party templates and tools through its Cloud Service Gateway.”1

At Scalr we’ll continue to innovate enterprise cloud management to ensure our customers can reap all the benefits that cloud infrastructure promises. Check out The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Cloud Management, Q2 2018 report here, or learn more about Scalr at