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Kubernetes, Ansible, and Cost Management – What’s New In Scalr 7.9?

As complexity continues to grow in enterprise hybrid cloud environments, the need for businesses to innovate and take full advantage of the cloud grows as well. With our latest release, we continue to work with our fantastic customers to build the only Cloud Management Platform that empowers business units to move fast, while IT doesn’t need to compromise on security, cost, and compliance.

Feature Preview: Kubernetes Cluster Monitoring

In addition to having all of your infrastructure and cloud services in one place, Scalr now supports direct monitoring for Kubernetes clusters! You can now gain visibility into your Kubernetes clusters and view statistics and usage. Kubernetes monitoring is currently supported for any independently run Kubernetes cluster, and for GKE clusters. Support for Amazon ECS and Azure EKS coming soon!


View usage and health statistics for Kubernetes clusters


Analyze performance on cluster nodes


Feature Preview: Scalr Cost Manager

Scalr’s cost monitoring, optimization and budgeting tools are getting an upgrade. Cost Manager provides enhanced capabilities around budgeting, cost tracking, facilitating showback and chargeback, and turning insights into cost-saving solutions. Cost Manager expands Scalr’s existing cost management capabilities to infrastructure not under Scalr management. You are now able to track costs across your entire cloud, regardless of Scalr management, while still being able to implement financial guardrails.  7.9 includes the preview-release of Cost Manager, and subsequent releases will further the functionality. During this period, Cost Manager will be in feature preview and rolled out to customers upon request.


Track costs for your entire cloud bill


Track costs for cloud services


Enhancements to Ansible Tower Integration

Scalr’s Ansible Tower integration already includes the configuration of Inventory, Groups and Variables, as well as using Ansible Tower to bootstrap servers. In 7.9.0, Scalr now supports multiple inventories and playbook execution orchestration events. This means that you can now tie an Ansible Playbook to event-based automation.


Tie an Ansible Tower job to server events.


Bootstrap servers with AT


Set up your bootstrap configuration


New VMware Policy – Storage Provisioning Type

You can now determine which storage type can be used in a specific environment, location and datastore. You can use this policy to either give your users choice between storage provisioning types or enforce a type that better suited for your environment. Here’s a quick refresher on VMware storage provisioning types:

Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed:

Creates a virtual disk in a default thick format. Space required for the virtual disk is allocated when the virtual disk is created. Data remaining on the physical device is not erased during creation, but is zeroed out on demand at a later time on first write from the virtual machine.

Thick Provision Eager Zeroed:

A type of thick virtual disk that supports clustering features such as Fault Tolerance. Space required for the virtual disk is allocated at creation time. In contrast to the flat format, the data remaining on the physical device is zeroed out when the virtual disk is created. It might take much longer to create disks in this format than to create other types of disks.

Thin Provision:

Use this format to save storage space. For the thin disk, you provision as much datastore space as the disk would require based on the value that you enter for the disk size. However, the thin disk starts small and at first, uses only as much datastore space as the disk needs for its initial operations.


Storage provisioning policy


Additional enhancements

7.9.0 is packed with cloud management goodness, some of the other highlights include:


  • Support for vMotion
  • Support for multiple IP ranges in IP pools on VMware
  • Cloud service tag management
  • Ability to attach storage to running VMware VMs
  • Ownership over Elastic IPs
  • New FarmRole health dashboard
  • Multiple UI updates
  • And much more! Find the full release notes here.


The Scalr Hybrid Cloud Management Platform continues to be the way today’s enterprises deliver cloud. The Scalr team is dedicated to building the leading end-to-end cloud management solution that empowers businesses to move fast, without compromising on cost, compliance or security.


If you want to learn more, or schedule a call with a cloud solution engineer, get in touch with us here!