Gannett standardizes cloud with Chef and Scalr

By October 14, 2015 52 Comments

One of the best things about conferences like re:Invent, is that they allow you to learn from the experience industry veterans. Many companies have felt the pains of dealing with large, unstructured pools of IT resources, and some companies have found their way out of these pits of IT hell.

As I said, industry conference gives the companies who have fought and won these battles a stage to share what they’ve learned and tell the rest of us how they did it. Okay, I know we’re not exactly fighting the forces of darkness here, but it’s much more fun to talk about it this way.

In the following talk, given at this year’s AWS re:Invent, Gannett (the world’s largest publisher and owner of USA Today) explains how they moved from a chaotic pool of EC2 instances to an automated, structured, standardized and secure cloud infrastructure. In order to achieve these goals, and as the talk’s title says, bring Shadow IT into the Light, Gannett uses such tools as Chef and Scalr.

The good folks at Gannett and Chef illustrate the importance of embracing DevOps, and bringing all the relevant stakeholders in the organization into the fold. Similar lessons can also be learned from NASA JPL.

There’s much to learn from Gannett’s cloud journey, another recommended read is this article from The Platform: Gannett Embraces NoSQL And Cloud.

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