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Easier & Safer Self-Service with Scalr 7.7.2!

By September 26, 2017 55 Comments

The latest release of Enterprise Scalr enhances the organization’s ability to deliver safe, easy and cost-effective self-service across clouds and datacenters.

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Enterprise Scalr 7.7.2! In one of our most action-packed releases ever, we continue to work with our customers and partners to deliver the leading Cloud Management Platform on the market.

The 7.7.2 release includes improvements to the Scalr Service Catalog, new policies, improvements to storage management and over 50 other enhancements and fixes.  This release also includes enhanced support for Azure and VMware, including support for VMC on AWS!

Here are a few highlights:

Service Catalog Enhancements

Scalr helps create more productive teams by offering differentiated self-service that fits the user’s needs, while always maintaining cost and security standards. Advanced users and admins can use a robust Power Console, while users who require an easy and streamlined experience can use the Service Catalog.

Enterprise Scalr 7.7.2 gives IT architects the ability to build simple, yet powerful provisioning workflows for their users.


Users are presented with a customized provisioning portal, where each catalog item can represent anything from a single server, to a full application stack complete with automation and cloud services. Admins can determine how much input is required from the user.

Different Environments (Production, Staging, Testing, IT lab UK , etc. ) can present a different Service Catalog curated to show only the relevant offerings, and what users can see and do in each catalog is centrally governed by ACLs.



To make things even easier for users, Service Catalog offerings can be categorized.


Farm Template Enhancements

Farm Templates are the JSON files that describe the Service Catalog offerings. They can be easily created through the UI based on existing applications, or written from scratch. Enterprise Scalr 7.7.2 further enhances the flexibility of Farm Templates with the option to add filters within the _meta.configuration block. This new capability allows you to set restrictions for Farm and Farm Role settings for: “pattern”, “maxLength”, “minLength”, “final”, “allowedValues”, and “conditions”. More info can be found here.

When designing Farm Templates, Service Catalog Offerings can now reference Scalr objects by Name rather than ID.  This allows for Offerings to remain relevant when published from Account and Global scopes when lower Environments may have different IDs for objects. It’s now easier to create “Master Farm Templates” to propagate to Environments.

Additional Highlights Include…

Backup Instances on AWS –  When setting up provisioning for EC2, users can now specify additional instance types to try if provisioning of the instance type used in their Farm Role is not available.  This can be used to fall back to a smaller size when no more space for your larger instance type is available.

New Storage Management Policies – The latest release introduces two new storage policies –

  • – Restrict the max volume size that can be used in an Environment.

  • – Restrict storage volume types that can be used in an Environment.


The Scalr roadmap is developed by working closely with our Enterprise customers and the Cloud platforms themselves. As a result, Scalr is designed to real-world Cloud Management challenges IT organizations face today. Enterprise Scalr 7.7.2 is another step towards making our Cloud Management safe, easy, cost-effective and productive for the IT community. To see over 50 more fixes and enhancements in 7.7.2,  please see the full release notes or our Wiki.