Product Updates

Cloud Service Gateway Feature Preview

We are very excited to introduce you to the Feature Preview for the Scalr Cloud Service Gateway.

Cloud Service Gateway

Cloud Management Platforms force you to limit what services developers can use as the price of consistent cross-cloud automation, policy enforcement, cost visibility, and access control… until now! Through the Scalr Cloud Service Gateway (CSG) you’ll gain the benefits of cloud management without the service limitations. CSG powers ACL (who can use what service), policy (how can they use it), and quotas (how much can they use!) for all services, while developers get complete compatibility for all their services. The CSG acts as an API proxy between your applications and cloud provider services providing complete compatibility with tools, documentation, etc. Developers just point to the endpoint hosted in your Scalr infrastructure and everything works the same, but you’ll get visibility into, and control of, service consumption.

Feature Preview

Scalr 7.6.0 includes the first in a series of incremental updates that provide a preview of the Cloud Service Gateway feature. This feature preview is intended to enable early testing of both the capabilities and functionality of the CSG and to gather your feedback. We’re following our tried and true approach of providing a focused and limited set of capabilities in this initial preview, and then we’ll add new capabilities quickly as we learn about how well CSG is working for you.

In this first release:

  1. Developers request access to AWS services that aren’t accessible through Farms: Lambda, Elastic Container Services (ECS), Route53, Glacier, API Gateway, Simple Notification Service (SNS), Simple Email Service (SES), Redshift, and DynamoDB

  2. Users with permission Account Management > Cloud Service Access Requests can view who has requested which services, and approve or deny access

  3. Developers whose request is approved get access to the endpoint, key, and secret they need to access the services. These keys and secrets work on the Scalr hosted endpoint which acts as an HTTP proxy, and Scalr handles the authentication to the cloud service.

  4. Applications use the service, and Scalr provides access via the CSG

Please let us know how these capabilities work for you via the support portal. We’d love to get on a call and talk through your use cases.


There will be two major stages for release of the Cloud Service Gateway:

  1. Incremental phase: hardening and feature testing over the coming iterative releases

  2. GA release: planned for Q4 2017, with support for all clouds and all services

Incremental Phase

In the following months this feature preview will gain:

  1. Support for a core set of Azure services

  2. Support for a core set of Google Cloud services

  3. Additional AWS services

  4. Reports showing who is using which services

  5. Policies for who can use which actions of which services

  6. and more

We’ll be updating and testing features regularly based upon feedback from you, so be prepared for a little variability during this time period.

General Availability Release

In the GA release we’ll assure complete coverage of all the services from AWS, Azure, and Google that can be supported in CSG. Additionally we’ll be committed to adding support for any new services within eight weeks after they are GA by the cloud provider. For the services you need that are in beta we’ll work with the cloud provider to support earlier. GA will also include initial reporting on service consumption, and policies that govern which teams can request access to which services, and who needs approval to use which services.